The importance of giving back

In life we have times of lack and times of abundance. In the times of lack we tend to look to those with more than us and in times of abundance we seldom remember the ones less fortunate. This does not always stem from greed or malice, but misunderstanding of the true meaning of abundance and giving.

You don’t have to live in abundance to make a difference. Sometimes we underestimate the impact a single good deed, or simply sacrificing your time, can have on someone else’s life. Simply being there for another in a time of need goes a long way. Giving of ones time may seem like a better phrase to use but given the nature of our lives today, it feels more like a sacrifice rather than a gift. Maybe that is a good starting point for the New Year; changing the mindset of “sacrificing time” to “gifting time”. Time is a priceless commodity making it the most valuable gift you can give.

Giving back to the community can impact on various levels; on a personal level, giving back makes you feel good about yourself. It can stimulate the “feel good” hormones called endorphins which are good for physical as well as mental health. By interacting with others that are less fortunate your own problems become smaller and more manageable. By giving back we can also learn new skills, make social connections, grow as people, as well as gain new perspectives.
“Blessed is the heart that gives, eternal is the heart that gives of itself” – unknown.

On a corporate level, corporate social responsibility plays a big role in company culture, employee morale, as well as recruitment. Various Human Resource related articles describe Generation X and Y employees and the impact their values have on choosing prospective employers. Generation X and Y employees want to feel a sense of pride and fulfillment in their work and want to work for a company whose values match their own. One of the greatest benefits of having a culture of giving back in the workplace is the positive environment it creates for the employees. Through this a true sense of community and teamwork is built.

At Carrick we support the Signature of Hope Trust by donating funds as well as our time. We ended 2014 on a high by participating in three different causes; Signature of Hope Trust and Carrick employees gifted an entire Saturday to build dog shelters at the Lucky Lucy Foundation in Malmesbury, supported Green Beings in Johannesburg with their sustainable living initiatives in and around schools in the area, and had a fun beach day with children from various disadvantaged communities around Cape Town with a special thanks to Breadline Africa. Full articles with photos about these events are available on the Signature of Hope Trust website. We have big plans for 2015 and hope to get the Durban office as well as the Zimbabwe office off to a great start. The commitment and camaraderie throughout these events have been an inspiration to many.

At Carrick we firmly believe and support our mission statement: “It’s what you have after you have it all that counts”.

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