Tasting League Notes: Smack! Hillbrow Honey Specialty Pale Ale


She’s sexy, she’s sweet and she’s infused with rooibos and honey. She also wants you to hold her, but only if you can handle the rush.

The Tasting experience:

Appearance: A very sexy gold with a small white head
Aroma: Tropical fruit, litchi and honey
Flavour & finish: Crisp flavours of rooibos, litchi and honey with low bitterness. It finishes light, refreshing and slightly sweet

Quick fire facts:

  • It’s brewed with litchi blossom honey
  • It’s brewed with local J17 hops
  • Rooibos is packed full of antioxidants



Food pairing:

We suggest pairing it with a good, cheesy lamb burger.

Overall thoughts:

This specialty pale ale embodies Smack!’s philosophy of non-conformist craft brewing. It’s a great example of local brewers putting their own spin on one of the world’s most popular beer styles.

Where to drink:

Hillbrow at night. Just kidding. Don’t do that. Seriously. Anywhere else will do.

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