Spring is Sprung! 10 Signs Spring Has Arrived

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Beaches are busier. Gyms are fuller. Flowers are blooming. Birds are chirping… This can only mean one thing: Hello, spring! We’re delighted you’re finally here.

Spring has a few tell-tale signs to let you know it has truly arrived and winter is long behind us.


Here are 10 signs that spring is officially sprung:


1. The weather can’t make up its mind

…and everybody in Cape Town said “Amen!”eden on that bay blog spring

It’s hot, it’s windy, and then it’s freezing. One day it’s a tank top, next day it’s a scarf. We all know that feeling: you wake and realise the weather has made a total U-turn back to winter overnight, and then you’re hit by a heat wave that very afternoon.

We just can’t seem to keep up with the weather: a sign that spring is most definitely here.


2. Traffic jamseden on that bay blog spring

The first beautiful, warm days of spring have already hit us. Oh, the excitement as you head out with your family for a Sunday beach trip… only to end up in bumper-to-bumper traffic because half the city had the very same idea.

So, if you plan to dust off your picnic basket, dig in the closet for your kiddies’ costumes and head down to the beach, brace yourself for some crazy traffic.


3. There’s an ice cream vendor around every corner

“Ching ching!”eden on that bay blog spring

The happy sound of the ice cream vendor’s bicycle bell in the distance is music to anyone’s ears on a warm, spring afternoon.

The kids (who have supersonic hearing and hyper sensitive sugar radars) hear this sound and (no surprise) they come running to you begging you for money so that they can get their double chocolate and vanilla swirl to cool down.

As for the queues at nearly every ice cream van along the beach… Yup, you could say spring is sprung.


4. Bikinis! Bikinis everywhere!eden on that bay blog spring

Say goodbye to scarves and bulky jackets, and hello to bikini season…

You may have noticed that nearly every mannequin you walk past in the mall has been undressed of their winter warmers and clothed with trendy, summer season bikinis. Another friendly reminder that summer is just around the corner.


5. Hey there, Gym!eden on that bay blog spring

As summer nears, spin classes are fuller. There is no space on the treadmills and well, everyone and their uncle are at the gym.

The season of winter hibernation is over, diets have started and gyms are flooded as everyone tries to get their bodies summer-ready. After all, summer is just around the corner and spring is the season of preparation.


6. Fewer colds, but even more sniffleseden on that bay blog spring

Goodbye antibiotics, hello, Mr. Allergex.

Spring is in the air (in more ways than one) and hay fever can sometimes makes it a spring worth remembering for the wrong reasons. Stay prepared with tissues, nasal spray and Allergex. The bees are buzzing and pollen is everywhere so get ready for allergy season.


7. Cracked heels and frightening toenailseden on that bay blog spring

The struggle is real! Hands up if you can relate – you dig in your cupboard searching for those adorable sandals to match your favourite spring dress. After finally finding them, you kick off your winter boots only to realise that your toes are in no condition for public viewing.


We thought so…but never fear! We have a secret that we’re willing to share with you…

Smoothe Beauty. Yes, Smoothe will take care of those unsightly heels and toenails and make them spring sandal-ready. Sorted.


8. The Pale and the Pasty

Oh, yes! Anyone suffering from pale and hairy leg syndrome?eden on that bay blog spring

Ladies, we think everyone can relate to this one. I mean, who shaves in winter, right? Winter is our time to go au naturel, without the stress of our legs being exposed. Now that spring is sprung, the sad reality is that we’re bound to blind innocent passers-by with some serious paleness.

No worries though! Just like our previous secret we let you in on; your local spa will definitely sort that out with a few swift wax strips. Ah, silky smooth.

9. Chill, bru!

One lovely thing about spring is that our days become warmer, sunsets happen later and drinks become cooler.

eden on that bay blog spring

You can truly feel that spring is in the air when you’re able to relax outside with (drink in hand) and enjoy the company of friends and family, celebrating the end of a long week at work.

We heard a rumour that Saints Burger Joint not only has the best view of Table Mountain, but they also have over 40 different types of craft beer on tap. Perfect a sunny, spring evening.


10. Ons gaan NOU braai!100570494-300x201

It’s that time of year again where you and your neighbours come out of winter hibernation and decide to get social. What better way to do that than organise a lekker braai?

We all know that addictive smell of braai vleis, right? What about pairing that with a delicious home-made potato bake and fresh salad? Winter is definitely gone and spring has finally arrived.




If this list is anything to go by, then spring is most definitely sprung. It’s time to get out there and relish the crisp spring air. Enjoy!

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