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Introducing Jenever Montane: a Cape Town gin, distilled with fynbos that thrives at high altitudes.


By using a combination of Table Mountain and indigenous Western Cape Fynbos along with traditional gin botanicals, a gin has been crafted with a signature floral / rose-geranium flavour that is distinctive in nature and in style to Cape Town and the Western Cape.



A crafted gin inspired by the resurgence of traditional gin with the aim of taking a distinctively Cape Town made, crafted product to the world. Off of the back of wine traditions, South Africa has recently unearthed a world class distilling culture and this gin is distilled to showcase the combination of local distilling mastery with indigenous ingredients, on a world stage.


What’s in a name?Digital Daily

Jenever is the traditional Dutch word for juniper and the name used for the gins first brought the Cape over 300 years go.

Montane is the name used for fynbos that thrives at high altitudes, which grows on Table Mountain.


Why Jenever Montane?

Gone are the days of dousing your gin with sugary mixers. If the slow food movement has taught us anything, it is that great craft and flavour needs to be appreciated and savoured.

We have done our utmost to give you a gin that is world class in style and flavour, yet inspired by scenes of our Cape Town sunsets over-looking the Mountain and summer evening cocktail occasions in the heart of the Cape Town CBD.


Distillation story:

The founders have an ongoing passion for creating the highest quality crafted products that have the ability to display the richness, beauty and craft of their home town of Cape Town. They have created this gin in conjunction with passionate distillers, Lucy and Leigh of Hope on Hopkins in Salt River.


Botanicals and flavour notes:

A bold flavour and aroma was desired that could distinctively remind one of the indigenous Western Cape fynbos, but do so in a way that is still subtle and just as thirst-quenching.  On top of this, it absolutely had to be on a par with the best gins in the world. The result is a gin that is rich in floral and spicy notes with an undertone of citrus and a distinctively strong and delightful rose-water character.


Flavours include Juniper, Angelica Root, Coriander, Lemon Peel, Rose Geranium, Cape May, Grains of Paradise, Grapefruit and Honeybush. 


The look and feel:

In wanting to capture both gin traditions and modern gin distillation techniques with that of the fynbos used in our gin, we turned to classic cigarette tins as a way to pull these ideas together on one label. The rose-gold is meant to impart a hint toward the key flavour-note along with the feel of crafted distillation.

Reasons to give someone a bottle of Jenever Montane as a gift:

  • To share the experience of a world class, Cape Town distilled gin
  • To impress gin connoisseurs
  • To welcome someone to the world of small batch, high flavour craft gin
  • To present a gift that depicts style and unique flavour


The perfect serves:

Cape Town is an eclectic and sometimes indecisive place and so we thought: what better way to illustrate our distinctive style and flavour notes than with a three-way of options?

The Connoisseur:

  • Straight up with 2 blocks of ice in a tumbler to show off the smooth texture and strong floral, spicy and citrus notes.

The Balance:

  • 1 Part gin; 1 part low sugar or sugar-free tonic, 1 block of ice, served in a martini glass to further accentuate the bold flavours.

The Refresher:

  • 3 Parts tonic; 1 part gin in a large wine glass with slices of citrus (lemon / grapefruit). Add a sprig of coriander and even granadilla for extra effect.


Our friends and community – The Montane Money Shots:

On a monthly basis we reward our community with bottles of Jenever Montane for sharing with us their inspiring gin moments via social media.


Contact Jenever Montane


Instagram: @JeneverMontane

Twitter: @JeneverMontane




Jenever Montane is available in discerning gin bars, restaurants, retailers and liquor stores across South Africa as well as online through

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