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Carrick WealthA new year always brings with it a range of the traditional New Year’s resolutions that are always well intended, but seldom carried through.

From the perspective of a business, it is also that time when we sit down and agree on our goals and targets and what our expectations are. Normally the leadership TEAM try to push them up and higher and the TEAM argue for them to come down and be more realistic. But what if there was a more interactive and participative way of doing it?

In true Carrick tradition, we believe there is and we chose to do it!

• Venue booked to accommodate 120 people? Check!
• Travel arrangements and logistics in place? Check!
• Speakers and content well thought out? Check!
• PowerPoint presentations prepared? DEFINTELY NOT!

The theme we settled on for 2015 was “Champions do Extra” (borrowed from a book “Legacy – 15 Lessons we can learn from the All Blacks ” by James Kerr).

So how did we go about it?

Carrick QropsNothing depresses me more than great content and “vibe” ruined with the traditional “Death by PowerPoint” approach adopted at these types of events! So, to use an old cliché, “we put the thinking where the thinking belongs”. Rather than having a host of presenters sprouting forth their thoughts, we arranged a series of Q&A sessions with internal and external role players – these sessions were professionally facilitated and specifically designed to ask the panels the types of questions so many TEAM members have, but are often too reluctant to ask. The panels were comprised of Carrick Directors in one case and in other cases product providers and business partners – in other words, no room to hide as participants were communicating with peers who were equally familiar with the “real” story. Transparency, openness and honesty were the order of the day.

The TEAMS for their part were tasked with the job of taking the information they gleaned from the sessions, and projecting that 12 months into the future in the form of a printed newspaper. Not a newspaper reporting on what has happened, but rather one which sets out the path to achieving goals over the course of 12 months – the headlines become the broad aims and goals (the “what”), the supporting article, a story of the ”how”.

By its very nature, the process required high levels of interaction; it required TEAM members to seek out individuals across the spectrum and look for that exclusive “scoop” or angle to a story; it encouraged communication and sharing of ideas; it meant looking a little deeper, beyond the obvious – the kind of things you would associate with “doing extra”!

The outcome?

• 10 x 3 page newspapers plotting the course for Carrick for 2015
• Buy in and commitment from all of the stakeholders – we all own the plan!
• An organization of Financial Planning professionals who will never give up their careers to venture into the world of journalism!

What about the result?

As is often said in our industry, investments take time to grow and mature, they need to be nurtured and they need to be looked after – it is short sighted to attend a two day conference and automatically expect everything to change on Monday. As a leadership TEAM, we are committed to what it takes to see our investment in our people mature – watch this space!

But herewith some extracts from some of our TEAM who attended:

“After a truly inspirational conference hosted last week, I have found renewed energy and motivation! The conference solidifies my reasons behind why I have joined Carrick and wish to grow within the company. I didn’t know what to expect going into the conference and was honestly blown away by the outcome.”

“One of the greatest things that I had learned from the conference is how we as a company can strive together as a team, there is no I in team and this conference showed a lot of us how much we can rely and depend on the person sitting next to us.”

“I do believe there will be massive improvements next year because that’s the one thing I’ve come to expect from Carrick – significant improvement. For one thing, I know we’re going to need a much bigger venue!”

“It was an incredible couple of days and I can honestly say I have never attended a conference with such energy, complete unity and unwavering commitment to success.”

“One of the elements that stood out for me was the way that the conference allowed individuals to answer their own questions.”

“My lesson learnt out of the conference was that no matter how big or how small, everyone’s input is just as important as the other. There is a better understanding of how to appreciate the small things, rather than only focusing on the major achievements. Something which I have now applied.”

“The task we were given – creating our view of what will happen in 2016, was great fun and I was amazed to see everyone’s dedication and working together as a team. It will be great to be at the next conference in 2016 looking at which new developments will arise in 2017.”

From our partners:

“The interaction was brilliant… Not just for your staff, but also for us as product providers and partners. We have a much better view of the key issues and aspirations of your business – that puts us in a better place to provide the right levels of support to Carrick and its clients.”

“Congratulations are in order concerning the TEAM you have created in such a short space of time. The staff you have employed are amazing, they are approachable, engaging, intelligent and highly motivated to get Carrick to the top of the game. They have an awesome attitude and I can tell they are willing to go the extra “hard-yards”.”

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