CERTASSURE Now Available To UK and South African Market


CERTASSURE launched in the United Kingdom and South Africa in June, 2017. The SSL provider has enjoyed much success in the United States and the move to the UK and South Africa has been a long awaited move.

CERTASSURE’s digital certificates are a quick and cost-effective way for any business to assure trust for their downloadable software and protect customer transactions via mobile applications and websites.

The internet security company has disrupted the internet security market by offering Always-On Subscription SSL, a flexible monthly subscription SSL solution that provides businesses with cost-effective and easy-to-deploy website security.

We spoke to Managing Director, Quintin Philander, on what prompted the launch into the United Kingdom and South Africa and the current state of internet security.

What prompted the launch into the UK and RSA?

“At CERTASSURE, our business has been designed around the customer experience. That includes how customers learn about our digital certificates, use our portals and interact with our teams. With this in mind, we decided to expand our internet footprint and create a dedicated team to better serve our customers across Europe and Africa.”

What, in your opinion, are some of the security issues internet users face today?

“In the last decade, the world of computing has changed significantly as more and more businesses rely increasingly on the World Wide Web and networked systems/services in order to conduct business. As more and more people, devices, machines become connected over the internet, so do the number of possible targets and the possibility of theft or damage of valuable company information.”

How does CERTASSURE’s product offering differ from competitors?

“CERTASSURE does not just take a blanket approach to customer service and the solutions/services we provide. We offer our clients flexible packages in order to give you the service you need.”


CERTASSURE Inc. is a specialist provider of next-generation SSL and digital signed certificates. Founded to provide small, medium and large enterprises with trusted, easy-to-use and scalable solutions, CERTASSURE Inc.’s business model is centred on its customers and people that serve its customers. Prizing simplicity, value and support for each client, CERTASSURE goes the extra mile to understand their unique operational and industry requirements and turn limitations into opportunities to deliver the most valuable SSL solution.

Get in touch with CERTASSURE

Email:        info@certassure.com

Website:    https://www.certassure.com/

UK Website: https://www.certassure.co.uk

SA Website: https://www.certassure.co.za

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