Things to do in Cape Town before the summer is over

Cape Town is now firmly on the world map as a must-see-before-you-die destination. From breath-taking nature and creative energies to vibrant people and colourful cultures, this mountain-meets-sea city truly has something for everyone. We’re halfway through summer now and this oh-so-fine weather needs to be made the most of. So before the sun disappears for winter, here is our list of favourite things to do in and around Cape Town this summer.   1. Early morning Lion’s Head hike For the early risers, set your alarm for 5am and drive to Lion’s Head to enjoy the sunrise and watch the city slowly wake up. This two hour hike is gorgeous in the morning as you’ll find the air crisp, the wind absent and the peace and quiet mesmerising. Another variation of this is to do an evening full moon hike and watch the sunset and the stars come up. Cost: Free More info: Visit Hiking Cape Town’s website here.   2. Hire a SUP Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) is hitting centre stage in the world of alternative water sports and Big Bay beach offers the perfect playing field. Head over to Cabrinha Kites at Eden on the Bay Mall to hire a board or book some lessons. This sport is quick and easy to learn. You’ll be paddling about on your own and enjoying the breath-taking view of Table Mountain in no time. Cost: R195 for 1 hour rental, R295 for 2 hour rental, R445 for 4 hour rental. Group prices […]

Jenever Montane
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Introducing Jenever Montane: a Cape Town gin, distilled with fynbos that thrives at high altitudes.   By using a combination of Table Mountain and indigenous Western Cape Fynbos along with traditional gin botanicals, a gin has been crafted with a signature floral / rose-geranium flavour that is distinctive in nature and in style to Cape Town and the Western Cape.   Inspiration: A crafted gin inspired by the resurgence of traditional gin with the aim of taking a distinctively Cape Town made, crafted product to the world. Off of the back of wine traditions, South Africa has recently unearthed a world class distilling culture and this gin is distilled to showcase the combination of local distilling mastery with indigenous ingredients, on a world stage.   What’s in a name? Jenever is the traditional Dutch word for juniper and the name used for the gins first brought the Cape over 300 years go. Montane is the name used for fynbos that thrives at high altitudes, which grows on Table Mountain.   Why Jenever Montane? Gone are the days of dousing your gin with sugary mixers. If the slow food movement has taught us anything, it is that great craft and flavour needs to be appreciated and savoured. We have done our utmost to give you a gin that is world class in style and flavour, yet inspired by scenes of our Cape Town sunsets over-looking the Mountain and summer evening cocktail occasions in the heart of the Cape Town CBD.   […]

Printing Companies: 4 Innovative Ways to Not Become Extinct

By Candace van Zyl   The printing industry in South Africa is under strain. Digital is taking more and more market share of what was traditionally print media, and South Africa is seeing one printing company close after another, as well as leading newspapers and magazines closing over the past decade. People are turning to the internet for news and information.   More than that, digital printing hardware, such as 3-D printing, is gaining momentum and, in some cases, replacing traditional printers as costs are lowered. 3D printing also produces professional-standard work which allows organisations and individuals to print work themselves, cutting out traditional printing companies.   A recent Global Media Report by McKinsey & Company shows that “spending on media continues to shift from traditional to digital products and services at a rapid pace. By 2019, we believe digital spending will account for more than 50 percent of overall media spend…. As it continues, it will not only expand the digital share of the media wallet, but have a structural effect on almost all media sub-sectors, redefining business models.”   Digital is not the only challenge facing the printing industry in South Africa. Skilled resources that are affordable and available are a challenge, as well as general wastage costs and poor business information management. If we don’t plug the holes of this leaky ship, your printing company could end up on the endangered list. Thankfully, printing is here to stay. Digital cannot replace the labels on your food in […]

Are Your Staff Members Costing Your Business?
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How to Optimise Your Team’s Work Day By Candace van Zyl    “Productivity and growth of productivity must be the first economic consideration at all times, not the last. That is the source of technological innovation, jobs and wealth.” – William E. Simon   The longer I’ve operated my own business, the more I see that business owners and managers face the same staffing challenges that we do: How do I keep my employees productive every day? How do I know they are not goofing off on YouTube or Skyping their friends all day long instead of doing their jobs? Aside from a potentially under-utilised resource, am I paying too much on my salary bill for a team that is not pulling its weight?   Paul J Meyer said, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” In order to be productive we have to deliberately put measures in place to make it happen.   Here are a few tried and trusted tips that massively improved our teams’ productivity and will do the same for you:   1 – Hire the Right Fit First: I wish I’d known this from the beginning, and it might mean a bit of a team shuffle for you, but getting the culture fit right is vital for your team’s wellness and productivity. One bad apple – that negative, lazy and unaccountable team member that you have a problem with – can spoil […]

Business Owners

How to Cut Costs and Grow Your Business in our Current Economic Climate If you’re one to keep track of the current financial landscape, South Africa’s economic projections for 2016 are looking pretty bleak. As a nation we are facing slower economic growth than ever before and political instability has resulted in the worsening of the Rand. A recent economic report done by FocusEconomics painted quite a dim picture for the economy over the next two years, stating that electricity and water constraints will prevent economic growth “by both interrupting production and by discouraging investment”. Despite the gloomy forecast, in some ways economic downturns can actually be good for business. Companies have begun to look for ways to save money. As a business owner, it is possible to flip the situation in your favour. I believe that the first and easiest way to do that is to improve on internal systems and efficiency. Here are three ways to reduce your expenses and grow your business at the same time:   1.         Reduce your headcount Unfortunately your staff salaries are always going to be your biggest expense. Reducing your staff headcount can really help you cut costs. Now, I’m in no way suggesting that you should suddenly start firing unsuspecting employees who add value to your business, but it is important to make sure that each of your employees perform a critical function and that they’re helping you turn a profit. Put it this way: if you’re still running your business […]

4 Ways to Keep Good Habits Alive this New Year

We all know how it is… We kick the New Year off with the best intentions in the hope that we are able to follow through this time. Then life gets in the way and throws those good intentions right out of the window. Sound familiar? Whether it’s getting fit, being healthier or spending more time with family and friends, there are ways to get it right without the pressure. You just have to spice it up a bit.   Here’s how to keep those good habits alive this year: 1.     Stay active without spending a cent One of our nation’s greatest gifts to us is that our days are so much longer in summer, which means that there is more time to enjoy the sunshine. Whether you’re a morning or evening person, there are ways that you can stay active without breaking the bank. Instead of getting sucked in to an expensive gym contract, look for hot-spots in your area that are great for outdoor exercise. Try regular morning walks with your fur babies or go solo. Big Bay on the West Coast offers an amazing path way for joggers as well as a breath-taking view of Table Mountain. With the sea as your constant companion, staying active is a piece of cake. If you’re a nature lover, a hike up Lion’s Head is a great way to stay active with friends and family. The summit is so worth the trek – enjoy a magnificent view of the city […]