Carrick – What’s in a name?

It is often said that people are the most valuable asset an organization has, and I would certainly agree, but to that I would add that increasingly an organisation’s brand is an equally valuable asset. The reality is that one cannot survive without the other – people bring the brand to life, the brand creates purpose for people.

We are often asked how the name and brand came about and as with all world class brands, there is a story behind how Carrick got its name.

There were lists and lists of names…

Each was debated, had to be researched and checked for availability (domains, companies registrar, etc), that it had a “good feel”, was short, concise, easily pronounced and memorable.
Most importantly, it needed to align with the brand archetype of Ruler, King, Leader. Ultimately a short list was decided upon and in conjunction with our agency, Rogue Agency, the brand and the identity started taking shape.

From the outset (unbeknownst to each of us), Carrick was a favourite and was the first choice put forward for consideration by Rogue and unanimously accepted! So what are the origins and meaning of the name?


MEANING: Derived from Gaelic “Carraig” meaning “Rock” or “Rocky Headland”

GENDER: Boy, male name, but also used as a family name

MOTTO: “Garde Bien” which means “watch well”


LOGO: Derived from combination of ruler/king symbols – King, Lion,
Knight, Trident, Eagle

TYPOGRAPHY: Specially designed for Carrick. Use of capital “C” and full stop is intentional.

There is even a “Carrick Knot” called the Carrick Bend – known as “the King of knots” which is used to tie 2 ends of a rope together!

Carrick Knot

The Carrick Brand and Identity were selected as a finalist in the Brand Identity and Design category at the 2014 Loeries. A great achievement, given it was up against other global brands.

Our brand says everything about who we are as an organization and what we stand for, and is something that all of our TEAM members associate with. It’s our legacy!

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