Carrick has a new “Home” with the Opening of our Durban Offices

Carrick works hard at attaining the best for our clients and potentional clients when it comes to financial planning and investment portfolio management.

We recently opened new offices in Durban and the “look and feel” of the offices is rivalled only by the experience, knowledge and skill of our advisors.

investment portfolio services

Settling into our new Durban office was an easy transition. Our Carrick Durban team look forward to being of service to our KZN client base by offering our unique brand of personal and tailor-made advice.

Carrick’s professional and holistic approach allows us to create a financial legacy for our clients by way of our service offerings for high-earning individuals. These include:


QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) is the best advice for individuals who are not planning on returning to the UK to retire, and allows you to maximise the pension you built up whilst in the UK. A QROPS allows for a UK pension plan to be transferred to a recognised HMRC jurisdiction and thereby offer more favourable pension benefits. Being stable and flexible, QROPS allow you, the investor, more freedom over where your funds are to be invested. QROPS is one of our areas of expertise.


QNUPS is available to UK citizens living in the UK or abroad who intend on retiring in the UK. QNUPS is a retirement benefit scheme which has certain tax advantages and allows you to further fund for retirement, over and above the usual forms of pension arrangements. Carrick can assist you in structuring a retirement plan that best suits your exact retirement needs and circumstances.


SIPPs are Self-Invested Personal Pensions which are suitable for high net worth individuals that would like more control over their financial assets and who have experience in the growth and management aspects of personal pension schemes. SIPPs allow for a greater variety of choice when it comes to investing, notably in equities and property.

Approved by the HMRC, they include Stakeholder Pension Plans, acting as a tax wrapper offering tax rebates. Contributions and withdrawals act in very much the same manner as other personal pension plans.

Retirement Trusts 

Retirement Trusts act as a highly tax-efficient vehicle in the form of a discretionary trust and as a self-administered, private pension scheme. They provide greater flexibility in investing choices and have similar characteristics to that of a savings scheme. Ideal for individuals who desire a flexible pension scheme with the freedom to structure their plan in the manner they wish to.

Carrick’s senior management comprises four dynamic individuals who together contribute 53 years experience in financial planning and investment portfolio management. Together with our dedicated team, we are comitted to the highest levels of professionalism and service to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

This is the legacy we wish to leave behind!

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  • Ian Walsh says:

    Kindly advise on how both our UK expat FROZEN monthly pensions, currently paid into a UK joint bank account, can be paid directly into our local bank account, and for our current balance in that UK joint bank account also to be paid directly into our local bank account.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards.
    Ian & Shirley Walsh. (Durban, South Africa).

    • Ian Walsh says:

      Thank you.

    • Carrick Wealth says:

      Hi there Ian
      Thank you for your question. It is technically possible to get this done, but it would need to be done via your pension company. You would most likely need to provide the trustees with proof of the bank account and that it was in both of your names.

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