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business in South Africa

Risk vs Reward – the future of doing business in South Africa

By now it is no secret. People have spoken about the fork in the road that we as a country find ourselves at, as well as the knife’s edge on which our young democracy is balancing. There is no doubt that now will go down as a pivotal time in South Africa’s history. Economically, our environment is tough. Slow if not stagnant growth is not creating the jobs, wealth and economic opportunities that our people demand. Intense poverty and inequality is causing crises like Fees Must Fall, strikes and our high levels of crime. Politically, we find ourselves in one of the worst states that we have ever been in. A massive leadership chasm and severe corruption among the political elite leave us with our hands in our hair daily. Unfortunately, the international investment community does not care much for excuses. The probability of a downgrade to junk status is already being partially priced into the market, with political power struggles adding oil to the fire. A presidential budget speech and a finance ministry willing to stand up for our country goes a long way, but might not be enough to avoid losing our investment level status in December. The question must then be asked what the future holds for starting and growing businesses in the current chaos and uncertainty. Are there enough opportunities in this market to warrant the risk of building a company and a future here? Let’s look at some of the unique characteristics of RSA from […]


London-based Fintech Circle Innovate announces new Africa focussed partnership with South African based innovation hub CiTi

London based, FinTech Circle Innovate and The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) based in South Africa, have today announced a partnership geared at harnessing the potential of FinTech,  in a move that aims to fast track leading-edge FinTech and entrepreneurial development in South Africa and on the rest of the continent.   “The partnership with The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) is a logical and obvious choice for us,” says Nicole Anderson, CEO and Co-founder of FinTech Circle Innovate. “We feel there’s a close strategic fit. We both understand how progressive enterprise businesses or public/private partnerships can stimulate innovation talent. CiTi has a long-standing history as the most experienced incubator in Africa, plus we are both leaders in innovation in our regions. The opportunity and use case for convergence in FinTech in Africa will be a significant focus for us. Africa is showing the world how FinTech is not just about displacing or enabling traditional financial services, but that it has huge potential to stimulate key economic sectors such as agriculture, retail and energy. It is our belief that sustainable innovation comes from collaboration between incumbent players and emerging or new world business models.   CiTi has already established the first specialised FinTech hub on the continent with members such as the Thomson Reuters Innovation Lab, Barclays Rise Africa and also the Blockchain Academy. “The purpose of our Innovation Clusters,” says Ian Merrington, CEO of CiTi, “is to actively identify, support and stimulate innovation and growth in key […]


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data breach

Could a data breach ruin your company?

In this Age of Digital, many Small Medium Businesses (SMB) and larger enterprises have to constantly be on the lookout for potential security and data breach threats. A data breach in an SMB or enterprise is defined as an event where a brand’s name is potentially at risk, either in electronic or paper format. The 2016 Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach study identified three main causes of a data breach: a malicious or criminal attack a system glitch human error The cost of a data breach can vary according to the cause, the systems in place to safeguard your company and the amount of lag time hackers have when accessing your systems undetected. The Cost of Data Breach study was based on 383 companies in 12 countries. South Africa’s data breach incidents throughout 2016 were analysed for the first time. Other countries included France, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, Australia, the Arabian region (the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia) and Canada. 7 global megatrends in the Cost of Data Breach research Certain ‘megatrends’ have been revealed when studying the data breach experience of over 2,013 organisations in every industry over the years. 1. Cost of data breach has not fluctuated Since inception of this research, the cost of a data breach has not fluctuated significantly. This could indicate that companies have taken on more agile security in line with their data protection strategies. 2. Biggest consequence of data breach The biggest financial consequence […]

eCommerce website

5 Things Your eCommerce Website Can’t Be Without

eCommerce has revolutionised the way we consume products and services. Your customer is no longer wandering aimlessly through the mall, hoping to find their next favourite product or service. They’re now looking for your business from the comfort of their own home. And if you’ve been smart enough to get your business hitched up to the eCommerce bandwagon, you’ll know that your website is your shop front… and that it needs to sell, sell, sell. So, if you want your online business to thrive, there are a number of essentials that your eCommerce website can’t be without.   Does your eCommerce website check these 5 boxes?   1.    Professional look and feel It’s all about your brand. And the way your website looks and feels (and makes your customer feel) will either support or undermine your brand. Your eCommerce website needs to look as good as the mall version of your store – and better. Get hold of a reputable website design company who will take your vision and bring it to life in a way that’s on-trend, functional and most importantly, simple. Simplicity is far more effective than flash, and takes a long time to achieve. Spend time on this part of your website and watch your business reach new heights. 2.    Easy navigation Think about the best shopping experience you’ve ever had. Now consider why it stands out from the rest: because it was rare. Someone took the time to anticipate your every need: Finding parking was a […]


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Are you protected from ransomware?

In light of the WannaCry and Petya Cyber-attacks that have rocked the internet, CERTASSURE has offered further insight on the matter and provided tips on how to avoid losing precious data from your business or home server. The Petya ransomware outbreak occurred on Tuesday, 27 June and has affected over 200 000 people in 150 countries. In South Africa, the Department of Basic Education’s website was hacked late on Wednesday night, although not a Petya attack, it was a vicious act of public defacement to a government website. The worming ransomware is the largest ransomware infection in history. A computer worm has the ability to spread by itself. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of cyber-attack that locks all digital files and demands payment in order for them to be returned. If your computer is compromised, it will look like this: If your computer is infected with a ransomware virus it will become unusable and will remain on the above image until the ransom is paid. This malicious software can lock any device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. Where does ransomware originate from? The software originates within an attachment in an email and disguises itself as something harmless. Once it is opened the ransomware encrypts the hard drive and makes it impossible to access or retrieve anything that is stored, i.e. photographs, documents, music or other files. The first documented case of ransomware occurred in 2005 in the United States and quickly spread to the rest of the world. […]


CERTASSURE Now Available To UK and South African Market

CERTASSURE launched in the United Kingdom and South Africa in June, 2017. The SSL provider has enjoyed much success in the United States and the move to the UK and South Africa has been a long awaited move. CERTASSURE’s digital certificates are a quick and cost-effective way for any business to assure trust for their downloadable software and protect customer transactions via mobile applications and websites. The internet security company has disrupted the internet security market by offering Always-On Subscription SSL, a flexible monthly subscription SSL solution that provides businesses with cost-effective and easy-to-deploy website security. We spoke to Managing Director, Quintin Philander, on what prompted the launch into the United Kingdom and South Africa and the current state of internet security. What prompted the launch into the UK and RSA? “At CERTASSURE, our business has been designed around the customer experience. That includes how customers learn about our digital certificates, use our portals and interact with our teams. With this in mind, we decided to expand our internet footprint and create a dedicated team to better serve our customers across Europe and Africa.” What, in your opinion, are some of the security issues internet users face today? “In the last decade, the world of computing has changed significantly as more and more businesses rely increasingly on the World Wide Web and networked systems/services in order to conduct business. As more and more people, devices, machines become connected over the internet, so do the number of possible targets and the […]


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Women's Month

Top spots for a Women’s Month spoil in Cape Town

We all have women in our lives who are worth celebrating; a tribe of women who have our backs in the highs and lows of life. This Women’s Month, why not pay special tribute to the women who have loved, shaped, inspired and nurtured you? So in the spirit of celebrating womanhood… Here are four great ideas for a girly day out in Cape Town   1.    Girls Night at the V&A Waterfront Gather up the ladies and head to the V&A Waterfront for a day of adventure. Retail, restaurants, craft markets, the very best in live music, family entertainment and more…. Next up is dinner and a show at the Cape Town Comedy Club, where the best local comedic talent will have you all in stitches while you tuck into a delicious meal. Belly laughs and lasting memories guaranteed. Take in all of Cape Town’s natural splendour from the glorious heights of The Cape Wheel. Previously known as the Wheel of Excellence, The Cape Wheel is now permanently stationed at the V&A Waterfront. Tickets include a R5 donation to the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, so you can enjoy your ride all the more knowing that you are making a difference. End your day with a magical meander around the marina (best done with tubs of gelato in hand) where you could just catch a glimpse of the playful seals that sunbathe and frolic around the harbour.   2.    A taste of local at the Bay Harbour Market There […]

Eden on the Bay

The Most Delicious Winter Meals at Eden on the Bay

Keep your tummy warm and full this winter with a delicious meal at one of our resident restaurants at Eden on the Bay. We know getting out of bed is difficult, but with Eden on the Bay’s Winter Warmer specials – it’s worth it! Eden on the Bay has a variety of restaurants to cater to your every taste. Whether you are craving a hot curry at Inside Lounge while you take part in their highly competitive Quiz Night, tasty, cheesy pasta at PRIMI or traditional African cuisine inspired meal at Moyo – your choices are endless and they’re all to-die-for. Breakfast specials at Eden on the Bay 1. PRIMI Big Bay Breakfast Menu Skip the dishes this weekend with a deliciously prepared breakfast at PRIMI, made exactly the way you like it. The PRIMI Breakfast Menu has something for everyone, from the not-so-hungry to the ravenous and ‘hangry’. Try a Brekkie Burger to fully satisfy those hunger pangs or a Salmon Protein Bowl for the health conscious. The breakfast menu also includes the usual suspects such as the Urban Run and the PRIMI Power. If you have just missed breakfast, or you’re just not really in the mood, try the Brunch Platter, which comes with finely sliced salami, white cheddar, pickled mushrooms, a boiled egg, marinated olives, Gypsy ham served with mushroom pate’ and Melba flatbread. 2. Moyo Blouberg Winter Breakfast Menu Woza Weekends! Every Saturday and Sunday, Moyo Blouberg offers a buffet breakfast for just R110 per person. […]


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